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Initiated in 1962, the educational sponsorship program strives to mould the children who have come out of vicious cycle of poverty into independent, confident and responsible citizens with a secure future. The need for the programme was envisaged as education continues to be given least priority amongst them. As most of these children are 1st generation learners there is a lack of enriching educational environment at home which leads to higher dropout rates. Also, the concept of ‘more hands … more money’ continues to be a prevalent thought among parents.

FSC believes that Sponsorship program is not just limited to providing educational financial assistance, but child is an entry point to work with the entire family and empower them to fight through the odds.

The sponsorship programme provides financial support to families to meet educational, medical, nutritional and other needs of the children with a view to improving their quality of life. Apart from financial assistance, extensive and in-depth efforts are put in by the social workers using various tools of social work – individual counseling, group sessions, school and home visits, recreational and educational activities and so on thereby paving a path for holistic development of child.

With present day scenario where pressures and stress rates are increasing at a rapid rate, a child’s psychology is under threat. Psychological counseling has formed an integral part of the education system. Hence, in the year 2008 FSC initiated ‘Counseling unit’ to address various concerns seen among our children like ADHD, learning disability, emotional and relationship issues, academic pressures, delinquency, behavioral issues and so on.

Further, the goal is not to solve their problems but to empower them with knowledge and skill which are tools to come out of difficulties. This is envisaged by empowering the child to develop their skills through vocational training after formal schooling so as to see an independent working adult emerging out of dire circumstances.

We are happy to note that through our efforts we find more children going for higher education and a decrease in the dropout rate among our sponsored children especially girls. We take this opportunity to thank our sponsors who have helped us in this endeavor and look forward for you to also join hands in this enterprise by sponsoring a child’s education....

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